Becky Brown

Combining Mastery Data and Curriculum Alignment Data to Drive Student Achievement

By Becky Brown / September 15, 2023

Becky Brown, EdD and Eduplanet21 dive into why you need a holistic way to look at both curriculum alignment and classroom performance.

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Illustration of a rocket ship taking off from a laptop

Supporting Teacher Practice with School-Level Data

By Becky Brown / March 3, 2021

As a building administrator, and then later as a district curriculum coordinator, I was always looking at data.…

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Conceptual illustration representing "why" through a brain, lightbulb, person and stack of books

JumpRope Training. Focus on the “Why”

By Becky Brown / August 19, 2020

Whether during an initial setup meeting or in a frantic email, one question we hear frequently is, “How do I get…

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Why Unpack Standards?

By Becky Brown / July 15, 2020

Since the US started its journey to standards-based teaching and learning, national organizations…

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