Shift the conversation from completion to learning

JumpRope is the only gradebook that is 100% focused on standards-based learning. With such comprehensive features and customizability, your teachers, students, and families will soon be talking about learning more deeply and more productively than ever.

An essential but often overlooked element of making standards-based grading a success? Your gradebook.

No matter how much you wrestle with a traditional gradebook, it’s almost impossible for you and your students to know what they learned and what they still need to learn ― not to mention what they need to do next to continue moving toward mastery. Spreadsheets don’t make this much easier.

Every traditional gradebook says it’s standards-based, but in reality, traditional gradebooks aren’t designed to support standards-based practice.

No wonder it’s taken our team of educators and engineers years to build and refine JumpRope ― the only gradebook that is 100% focused on supporting standards-based grading.


An excellent communication tool connecting the great triangle: students, teacher, and parents

JumpRope is an excellent communication tool connecting the great triangle: students, teacher, and parents. From the get-go, teachers' conversations changed to be about teaching and learning. It was more about how a kid can demonstrate mastery in a given standard or learning target than about work completion and the difference between an A and a B. The Parent Portal is full of information and easily navigable. And teachers use the comment database to share information with advisors and administration.


Scott Livingstone
Learning Support Coordinator

Vanguard High School in New York, NY

JumpRope allowed us to pick what we wanted choice around

We looked at other platforms, but their grading philosophies were not aligned with ours, so we were trying to retrofit some of our requirements into their platforms. What really attracted us to JumpRope was it allowed us to pick what we wanted choice around - like the ability to break out the Habits of Success from academic standards and the calculation method we use for each. I think when there are teachers involved in building the platform, you're just going to see a different kind of platform.


Julia Snyder
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Global Academies Charter School (K-8) in West Philadelphia, PA

JumpRope helps you make learning meaningful for students


Built to support K-12 standards-based grading

Designed by educators, JumpRope is a specialized gradebook that supports the entire cycle of standards-based grading ― from choosing standards to determining success criteria to aligning assessments to recording scores to calculating mastery to communicating progress.


Invite students, families, and fellow educators into the learning process

Students and families become true partners when they have access to clear information about student learning and progress. You can give descriptive feedback and print or email progress reports. And they can log into the Family Portal at any time to view progress on standards, download assignments, and identify missing work. You can also collaboratively plan assignments and share anecdotal notes about students with colleagues.


Make the gradebook yours - by choosing the standards, scales, calculations, and more

Your gradebook needs to fit your school’s or district’s grading philosophy, even down to the language you use. That’s why JumpRope lets you customize the standards, scales, calculations, and more. Use national standards or load in your own ― and even monitor non-academic skills alongside academic ones. Customize your scoring scale using numbers or words. And choose from 7 different calculations ― including Power Law and Decaying Average.


Import data from Google Classroom and 20+ student information systems

It's easy to keep your rosters up-to-date because JumpRope can import rosters automatically from 20+ student information systems ― including PowerSchool and Infinite Campus. And because JumpRope is integrated with Google Classroom, it's simple to import assignment scores too.


Clear, flexible reports make it easy to monitor mastery, differentiate instruction, and share progress

Color-coded reports give a real-time, visual view into students’ mastery of the standards ― with the ability to sort and view the data in different ways. Group students based on mastery levels, differentiate instruction and support, and celebrate students' progress. Share data with colleagues to collaborate and share progress reports with students and families.


Support whenever you need it

We know how important it is to get clear, helpful answers, especially when your students are waiting to see their latest scores or you’re prepping for parent-teacher conferences. If you can’t find an answer in our robust library of 300+ support articles, submit a ticket to our standards-based practice specialists or email our support team ― we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Ready to shift the conversations in your school or district from completion to learning?


Comprehensive and customizable in a way that no LMS or SIS can ever be ― and answers to other common questions


We’re considering a gradebook that’s part of a learning management system (LMS) or student information system (SIS). Why should I choose JumpRope over an all-in-one system like that?

Each tool in an LMS or SIS has to compromise somewhat in order to “play nice” with the other tools. Compatibility is more important than making sure each tool is best in class.

JumpRope, on the other hand, is 100% committed to being the best standards-based gradebook ― with the most comprehensive features and the most customizability. And because JumpRope imports data from Google Classroom and 20+ SIS, you get the benefits of products that work together without compromising on any functionality.

We’re still transitioning to standards-based grading. Can JumpRope report out on both traditional grading and standards-based grading?

Yes, JumpRope can report an aggregate score using your conversion scale. For some schools and districts, this helps smooth the transition to standards-based grading. There are some ways to do this that are baked into the software, but we can also work together to customize a calculation.

We’d love to chat about your specific situation ― just book a call with a standards-based practice specialist.

My school does mastery-based grading / competency-based grading / proficiency-based grading / outcomes-based grading. Will JumpRope work for us?

In short, yes! These philosophies all value standards mastery, so JumpRope is a great fit. If you’d like to discuss your specific situation, please set up a call with a standards-based practice specialist.

Will JumpRope work for traditional grading?

We have developed a Hybrid version of our gradebook that allows an entire school to be in one gradebook while a school transitions to a standards-based teaching, assessing, and reporting system.

The cool thing is that a school can have some teachers entering a single score per assignment to get the course grade, while others are entering scores on standards or learning targets and the computer calculates a course score converted to a 100-point. As teachers transition, the Hybrid gradebook allows teachers who are entering a single assignment score to calculate the course grade, but allows them to also give feedback on the standards or learning targets they write.

We are excited because we think this will help many schools make the transition to a standards-based teaching, assessing, and reporting system.

Does JumpRope integrate with my SIS or LMS?

JumpRope imports rosters from over 20 student information systems ― including PowerSchool and Infinite Campus ― and integrates with Google Classroom to import assignment scores. To find out if JumpRope imports rosters from your SIS specifically, please email us at or book a call with a standards-based practice specialist.

Does JumpRope support multiple languages?

JumpRope uses Google Translate to provide the ability to download and print progress reports in 20 languages: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese, and Yiddish.

What kind of training and implementation support are available?

Every contract includes training for teachers and administrators on how to use the software. We’ll also help you configure the software to match your grading philosophy and language.

If you want more support, we offer supported implementations in which we guide you through the design of your standards-based teaching and learning system to support your school's beliefs and teachers' practice. This ensures that you strategically implement standards-based learning and teaching in a way that is fully customized for your school or district and actually achieves your goals. To learn more, please book a call with a standards-based practice specialist.

I’m wondering if JumpRope has a specific feature or can support a specific type of implementation.

Happy to help! Please email us at or book a call with a standards-based practice specialist so we can get you the answers you need.