Open up a conversation about learning

JumpRope is the standards-based gradebook that empowers teachers, students, and families with meaningful insights about progress and mastery.

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Make learning more meaningful

Empower teachers to give actionable feedback to learners and differentiate instruction. Empower students to own their learning and truly master all the skills and habits that promote success. And empower families to support the learning process in the most productive ways.

Together, you’ll shift the conversation to be about learning ― not grades or completion. And then school will become a place where all students have the opportunity to succeed.


A great tool for making progress real and visible

“JumpRope is a great tool for making progress real and visible. With JumpRope, we can now give students real-time feedback and overall progress, not just a cobbled together grade. Teachers can map assignments to standards and then assess the assignments, which changed the conversation from one of doing work to doing work well.”


Al Sylvia
Assistant Principal

Bronx Lab School in Bronx, NY

Teachers save time, parents see progress, and students know exactly how they're doing

“Teachers love JumpRope because it is so much easier for tracking grades and student progress. It really saves so much time. Since JumpRope has reports with colors and bars, we email everything out and it's really easy for students and parents to monitor academic progress.”


Devon Rose
6th Grade Teacher

The Exploris School in Raleigh, NC

Standards-based to the core


Assess mastery of the standards


Share progress with students and families


Give specific, descriptive feedback to students


Reflect on performance across classrooms and evaluate how well expectations are aligned


Import data from Google Classroom and 20+ SIS ― including PowerSchool and Infinite Campus


Customize the gradebook with your own standards, scoring scales, calculations, and more

Case Study

More teacher collaboration and more meaningful conversations about learning

Founded in Washington, D.C., Capital City Public Charter School is a success story about forging positive change.

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