Our most meaningful measure? Happy customers

K-12 schools and districts love using JumpRope ― the only gradebook 100% focused on standards-based grading ― to communicate about learning.

The most flexible and willing to work with us

I would describe JumpRope as the only option for Mastery Based Grading. JumpRope was designed around Mastery Based Grading, not a system that added it. It gives autonomy on how the Mastery Based system is used within individual schools. It is simple for teachers and very simple for families. We chose JumpRope because they seemed to be the most flexible and willing to work with us as a school, and that has remained true since our partnership began.


Bart Piscitello
Assistant Principal

Hunter's Point Community Middle School in Long Island City, NY

JumpRope customer since 2013

Meaningful reporting that informs instruction and shows progress

You don't hear students having conversations about ‘What can I do to get an A?’ anymore. Now, students are asking about what they can do to improve on a specific skill related to a learning target. We attribute that in large part to having meaningful reporting that really allows students and teachers to dig down into the details. JumpRope allows teachers to facilitate learning and differentiate in ways that are seamless. It's very easy for teachers to see the information and utilize it to inform their instruction. It’s also easy for students to know right where they're at.


Gabe Hamilton
Director of Learning at Addison Northwest School District and Proficiency Based Learning Coordinator

Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School in VT

JumpRope customer since 2015

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Students are willing to take risks while learning without worrying about their grades

At Vancouver iTech Preparatory JumpRope has made it possible for teachers to record and communicate student progress on individual standards.

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The ONLY gradebook with SBG at its core with all the essential SBG features

JumpRope is the ONLY gradebook that starts with SBG at its core. All of its features are built around this way of approaching feedback and understanding student progress. JumpRope honors what we thought were essential SBG features (e.g., allowed us to use our own grading marks, did not force a score for the class, lets us value current work more than earlier work, uses a scale that is not only 1-4, allows us to enter assignments as a collection of standards, allows us to separate behavioral feedback from academic feedback).


Matt Sly
Education Technology Coach

Champaign Unit 4 Schools in Champaign, IL

JumpRope customer since 2016

So easy to use

We are so very happy with JumpRope. It is so easy to use, and that's probably the most important thing. There were a lot of problems that JumpRope just by default fixed for us, like how to transfer students and how to send reports to parents. It also pushed us even further into being standards-based by making us focus more on the assessments we're giving.


Susan Taylor
Technology Integration Specialist

Monongalia County Schools in Morgantown, WV

JumpRope customer since 2020

Case Study

More teacher collaboration and more meaningful conversations about learning

Founded in Washington, D.C., Capital City Public Charter School is a success story about forging positive change.

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Continuous Improvement Cycle

Learning is now a “two-way relationship” between teachers and students

At The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria JumpRope has helped teachers record student progress on outcomes.

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JumpRope's ongoing education and training helped our district develop our competency-based model

The built-in ability to shift the focus of the data from one student's 'grade' to one student's work has changed the culture. Parents and students can clearly see the connection between Habits of Work and how a student is doing academically.

We can also break down the data to answer questions like: Why aren't students doing well in this second-year course? What are the competencies that are underserved? Overserved?

Responsiveness from the support team is exemplary. And JumpRope's ongoing education and training has helped our district develop our competency-based model in large part… "Oh, it can do that? Maybe we want to change the way we do this then."

We used to use Infinite Campus, but their structure didn't actually do competencies. Time consuming and not really PBL. JumpRope is a small outfit, whereas Infinite Campus is huge, and unfortunately there were some in our district who weren't convinced that anything other than a big company could do a good job. JumpRope proved them wrong!


Nancy Embry
Data Manager

Kittery School Department in Kittery, ME

JumpRope customer since 2014

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