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JumpRope was first built by a teacher who wanted a better standards-based gradebook. Get the whole story, and discover what drives our team today.

At JumpRope, we build software that empowers teachers, students, and families with actionable, standards-based insights


What matters most

  • We believe in the power of standards-based grading to make learning visible.
  • We believe in the power of meaningful data to drive actionable feedback and productive conversations about learning.
  • And we believe in the power of educators like you ― as you use standards-based practice to help students learn, grow, and thrive.
  • With compelling data insights in the right hands, students, teachers, and families can communicate about learning. And then school becomes a place where all students have the opportunity to succeed.

The core values that guide us



We believe that students can achieve anything if they know what their learning goal is, how they are doing along the way, what they need to do next, and how they will be assessed.

That’s why JumpRope takes every single student score, applies one of several calculation methods, and turns the scores into visual, easy-to-use progress reports so that students — and their families — can clearly see which standards they've mastered and which they still need to work on.


Equity of Opportunity to Learn

We believe that all students deserve sufficient opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge.

That’s why JumpRope gives teachers the insights they need to determine how to differentiate their instruction and makes it easy to give students multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning.


Learner Agency

We believe that the ability to set goals and self-assess empowers students to become self-motivated learners.

That’s why JumpRope helps teachers get clear on the learning progression and give descriptive feedback ― modeling what students ultimately need to be able to do for themselves.


Continuous Improvement

We believe that schools need to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement to ensure that curriculum and instruction truly meet students’ and society’s needs.

That’s one reason why JumpRope reports are so valuable: they help teachers monitor students’ progress over time and analyze the effectiveness of curricula and instructional decisions.

Empower your teachers, students, and families with actionable, standards-based insights

It all started with a teacher solving a problem in his classroom

As a teacher in New York City, Jesse Olsen followed a mastery-based learning approach in his classroom. But his school used a traditional gradebook that didn’t let him keep track of what students learned. So Jesse started using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to record mastery data and share it with his students. Soon, other teachers asked to use the Excel spreadsheets, and then a few schools began using them too.

As Jesse reached the limit of what Excel could do, he applied his background in computer engineering to build the software that eventually became JumpRope. Throughout the school year, he would get teachers’ feedback on the software after school and then tweak the code every night. That tight, teacher-centric feedback cycle meant that the software quickly evolved into a very functional, user-friendly platform to support standards-based grading.

In 2009, Jesse officially co-founded JumpRope with longtime friend Justin Meyer. With a team of seasoned educators and engineers, JumpRope grew into a standards-based gradebook that opens up a conversation about learning. Meaningful data and reports empower students to own their learning ― and empower their teachers and families to support them every step of the way.


Meet the team of passionate educators and engineers behind JumpRope


Justin Meyer

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Jesse Olsen

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Becky Brown, EdD

Senior Researcher and Standards-Based Practice Specialist

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