Make it easy to
communicate about learning

JumpRope is the only gradebook that is 100% focused on standards-based learning. With such comprehensive features and customizability, your teachers, students, and families will soon be talking about learning more deeply and more productively than ever.


Get the most essential standards-based grading features

  • Assess mastery of academic and non-academic standards
  • Give specific, descriptive feedback to students
  • Differentiate your instruction
  • Identify students in need of more support or challenge and plan interventions
  • Download or email progress reports to students and families


Customize your gradebook and open up meaningful conversations about learning

  • Customize the gradebook with your school’s standards, scoring scales, calculations, and more
  • Educators can collaborate by sharing student rosters, scores, and anecdotal notes
  • Students and families can view progress on the Family Portal
  • Import assignment scores from Google Classroom
  • Import rosters from 20+ SIS ― including PowerSchool and Infinite Campus


Transform learning across your entire district

  • Monitor student progress and mastery across all schools
  • Ensure cohesion and consistency of your district’s standards-based implementation
  • Evaluate and modify curricula and programs based on data
  • Determine professional development needs
  • Support teachers in reflecting on their instruction using data
  • Gain a more holistic view of student learning beyond standardized test scores

Competitive Pricing

Every school and district has unique requirements and goals when implemeting standards-based grading. As soon as you tell us yours, we can put together a custom quote with all the features and support you need.

The right support right when you need it


A robust library of 300+ online support articles


Our friendly, support team responds quickly to questions


Software training included with every school or district contract ― with additional professional development and consulting available

Oh, JumpRope can do that? Maybe we want to change the way we do things

“The responsiveness from the support team is exemplary. And JumpRope's ongoing education and training has helped our district develop our competency-based model in large part… We’ve said: 'Oh, JumpRope can do that? Maybe we want to change the way we do things then.’”


Nancy Embry
Data Manager

Kittery School Department in Kittery, ME

A user-friendly tool that emphasizes mastery over completion

“JumpRope is a user friendly tool that allows you to track student progress and place an emphasis on the mastery of skills rather than the completion of assignments. JumpRope reinforces the idea that it is never too late to reconnect with your classes.”


Janet A. Gerard
Retired Science Teacher

Bronx Lab School in Bronx, NY

Competitive pricing based on a per student model ― and answers to other common questions


How does JumpRope determine pricing?

JumpRope is an annual subscription service that charges per student based on projected enrollment for the year.

Are there volume discounts?

Depending on the size of your school or district, there may be discounts available. Please book a call with a standards-based practice specialist so we can develop a custom quote for you.

If I sign up for the Classroom plan, will I have to upgrade to a paid account in the future?

We are passionate about supporting teachers who want to use a standards-based approach in their classrooms, so individual teachers will always be able to use JumpRope’s Classroom plan for free ― with no upgrades required ever.

I am a teacher using the free version of JumpRope. Is there a way to purchase upgrades? Or can I buy a single teacher license for one of the other plans?

We are considering the development of another paid plan for teacher teams, which would make much of the additional functionality available, even without a school-wide contract in place. There is currenlty no planned timeline for this feature.

We're excited to start using JumpRope! What's involved in the set-up process?

On your end, the set-up process primarily involves making decisions about how to configure the software to match your school's or district's grading philosophy and language (e.g., which scoring scale to use, which calculation to use). We'll guide you through all the decisions that need to be made.

The process can move quite quickly, depending on how customized you would like the gradebook to be. If you have relatively simple requirements, your teachers could start using JumpRope after we meet just once. If you have more complex requirements like integrating with your SIS or loading in custom standards, the gradebook will take a bit longer to set up properly.

If you would like additional support throughout the process, we offer supported implementations in which we guide you through the design of your standards-based teaching and learning system to support your school's beliefs and teachers' practice. This ensures that you strategically implement standards-based learning and teaching in a way that is fully customized for your school or district and actually achieves your goals. To learn more, please book a call with a standards-based practice specialist.